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Bold Outlook Creations

Cartoon Feelings Chooser

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Our Cartoon Style Feelings Chooser brings a touch of classic artistry to your daily life, offering a sophisticated way to select from an array of emotive feelings. With this subtle yet eye-catching tool, you can easily choose an emotion to suit any mood or expression, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to express themselves in a tasteful and elegant fashion. 

This intuitive cartoon style feelings chooser was designed to help users identify and articulate their emotions with ease. It features a variety of expressive cartoon faces that users can choose from to accurately express their feelings. Emotional self-awareness is vital to personal growth and this feelings chooser is a valuable tool that can assist in that process.

Finished size: APPROX. 7.675” x 5.5”
FACES - APPROX. 3.125" x 3.25"

Made of White and Black MDF